Milena Pervanje

human resources consultant

+386 (0)51 380 228
Kališka ulica 1, SI-4000 Kranj

I have been most fortunate to have had an extremely varied career, gaining experience from business, academic and public sectors. I was an adviser for Deloitte & Touche international corporation for business and financial consulting; I managed educational programs for business companies at Faculty of Economics at University of Ljubljana; and I led international educational project for Slovenian Ministry of Finance.

I founded Personal in 2005 so I could share my knowledge with a wider spectrum of companies and individuals. I co-operate with Amrop Adria and within this global connection me and my colleagues search for and select top management employees for companies from Slovenia, Western Balkans, middle, Eastern and Western Europe (Poland, Czechia, Slovakia, Russia, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Turkey,...).

I also co-operate with experts from Amrop in competence evaluation processes for management, sales and other expert employees.

Independently, for a number of clients, I run employee structure optimization and general human resources consulting such as establishing competency models or team and individual monitoring and evaluation model, organizing annual performance interviews, introducing goal management model or executing 360 Degree Analysis. As an external member of nomination commissions I work with a number of supervisory boards when selecting board members and presidents, evaluating management boards' success levels or evaluating boards' rewards models.

I also lecture at Faculty for Social Sciences and for supervisory boards, management and other groups of employees in business companies. I write articles on the topic of human resources and I have co-authored a book entitled “Effective methods for human resources searching and selection”. I am currently a vice-president of the Slovenian Directors' Association's programming council and an active member of Slovenian HR Association and of Managers' Association of Slovenia.