Personal career consulting

If you are starting out in your career or looking for a new employment, if you wish to climb the ladder of responsibility or if you are considering a career change, Personal's expert career guidance and consulting will make sure your path towards a new chapter in your life is a smooth and successful one. 

Career Advice Service – equipped for the next step

Our expert will go through your CV and suggest improvements; we will look at your LinkedIn profile and study its efficiency or set it up for you if you don't have one already; we will analyze your competitive advantages and weaknesses and focus on your career goals in depth. Your personal career consultant will be available to you at all times via e-mail or on the phone to answer all the questions you might have. 

What's in it for you?

  • Rehearse all aspects of a self-presentation and learn to excel at it.
  • Learn how to talk, with confidence, about all the benefits you bring to an employer, how to present your ambitions and how to answer the always unpleasant questions about one's weaknesses.
  • Have an expert guide you in building an excellent CV which reflects your wishes and competences.
  • Gain a professionally crafted LinkedIn profile which will impress all potential employers.
  • Prepare for future selection processes: get to know these processes and acquaint yourself with different methods employers use so you always know what awaits you in different stages of the selection process and how to respond to various selection challenges. 
  • Perfect and rehearse a job interview under our expert guidance down to the last detail. 
  • Always have a consultant available to you to answer any questions about the job searching process and to guide you all the way to the job you want. 

For additional information about our Career Advice Service call us at +386 51 380 228 or write to